The Helinox Playa Chair is loaded with bells and whistles for ultimate beach relaxation. Helinox Ground Chair for camping and fishing. The new generation of lightweight, aluminum frame sling chairs fills this need elegantly, and the Helinox Ground Chair is my pick of the pack. You get it. Rests low on the ground, but this is not a bad thing because it means you can stay seated when using your cooking gear. 14 comments. I've always been anti backpacking chair (except when I used to bungee an old school steel shorty beach chair to my external frame pack in the early '90s). Several years ago I tried one of those soft seats with the side straps that hold up the back. Hated it and threw it in the trash. Looks comfy. Ground Chair; Ground Chair. Being close to the ground, it can require a little oomph to get up, especially for a tall and rather stiff fellow like myself, but this can be accomplished with a concerted push with the hands from the middle of the sling on either side; the solid base provided by the square foundation is again an advantage in this maneuver. Both Helinox Chair Zero and One are low profile chairs (low profile chair is a design that sits you closer to the ground to save on weight). Menu. The frame, including the plastic hubs, is solid and has held up well in its first year with no sign of fatigue. Getting in and out of the chair takes some effort and involves resting your hands on the ground on each side of the chair. +1,398 Account Gift Certificate balance will not be available. Some reasons for delays are: We sincerely value the suggestions and feedback of our visitors. Frame linked with single shock-cord for easy assembly. I just put a super lightweight tarp section from my local hardware store under the rear legs: super small, super lightweight. It has a low-profile, which reduces the number of poles and the weight, but it offers enough clearance even for the heftiest user to feel comfortable. Ground Chair; Chair Zero; Chair One; Chair One L; High-Back Chairs. Light, strong and supremely packable, the Ground Chair is an ultra-lightweight backpacking chair designed to being you comfort wherever you go. I searched and searched and finally got an email from Backcountry Edge that it was on sale for $87 + a free T-shirt!. average rating Helinox Ground Chair has been discontinued by Helinox and is no longer available. Both Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair are made of advanced alloy DAC aluminum pole frames and durable 600-weave polyester seats but as Ground Chair is shorter and lighter, it weighs less and packs down smaller compared to the Chair One. Want more details? If you’re on the border of 265 pounds, I wouldn’t test the weight ceiling in this chair in that same way I would on a $20 throwaway from Costco. Helinox Chair Zero with Ground Sheet. Holds 320lbs!!!!   contact us. Leg balls and ground sheets are available from Helinox to avoid the legs sinking into soft surfaces. Small, lightweight, sturdy, comfy! I believe it's smaller than or the same size as my old 1.5 liter Nalgene bottle. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It is designed to be light enough to carry during the day yet sturdy enough to offer back support in the evening. Ground sheet levels the load, providing a wide, stable base that helps prevent sinking or tipping on soft and uneven ground. The chair comes with a sturdy sack of its own, but I don't use this because it adds unnecessary weight. It looked good quality. This is Helinox’s most versatile chair, and will serve equally on picnics, at the beach and music festivals. Price Paid: Can’t recall, but it wasn’t cheap. One of our trained professionals will get back to you within the next 24 hours. While a rock or a log to sit on stool-wise is a good start, for my part I want something that I can lean against: a big tree that curves gracefully into its roots or a boulder or ledge that slopes into the ground at a comfy angle. Legacy Reviews were written prior to the latest upgrade of our Review System. Breathable mesh on sides is cooler in summer and dries quickly when it rains. Trailhead Camp Chair (200) 200 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. High tech TH72M alloy (developed by DAC) is used for the frame for light weight and strength. A cold seat is not a comfortable one, so a square of closed-cell foam under the butt and back becomes a necessity as temperatures fall toward and below freezing. +280 I would definitely contact Helinox or their distributor to see if hey can make it right for you. This gives it stability on soft ground, although it needs to be placed with care on uneven ground to make sure it does not tip over when you sit on it. Trailspace's community of gear reviewers has field-tested and rated the top camp chairs. from UT, United States $299.98. This 1.35 lbs. The Helinox Ground Chair weighs just 625g (22oz), including the plastic bag in which I keep it packed. Description: The Chair one combines comfort with an extremely low weight. Very disappointed in this chair. Well I've now had this chair almost a year and can say I absolutely love it! December 26, 2018 Time and use will tell how well that chair holds up in the long run. January 16, 2018, by The blue support bars and gorgeous and very light. Helinox Chair One Large Camp Chair Swedish Blue. Please provide a short summary of why you believe this review does not belong on our site. It's amazing; because of the low chair height, it fits easily in a two person tent. Packing down smaller than most water bottles, the Helinox Ground Chair easily fits in a day pack. Source: bought it new Some care is needed to make sure that each end is securely fitted in its pocket otherwise the chair could collapse under you. Mountain Steals. Plenty of use while backcountry canoeing. folding camp chair is perfect for camping, backpacking, bike touring or lightweight hunting trips. Sold out Ground Sheet Chair Two $29.95. hide. 4.4 out of 5 stars 21. Unique in the Helinox range, the Ground Chair has a square base that spreads the load more evenly than feet, meaning it is not as likely to sink into soft ground. examples are appreciated. Despite the lightweight construction, the Ground Chair can support up to 265 pounds. save. CDN$ 180.00 CDN$ 180. It is imported and folds for easy storage. FREE Shipping by Amazon. A convenient footprint for your Helinox chairs, keeping you and your chair from sinking into mud or sand. The chair arrived when they said,and it is great. I was wondering if there's enough room to lounge comfortably in, say, a two-person tent with average headroom or would it be too much to have a chair in the tent. $299.95. The ultimate lightweight camp chair has arrived. March 1, 2016. 4.6 out of 5 stars 240. +31 Bob Handelsman The “ultralight” crowd will poo-poo the little bit of weight, but then they all want to sit in it when I bring it along. The Helinox Ground Chair was the answer. From the specifications below, you will realize that it is more wide than high, so this with such a sturdy construction makes it rather stable because when you are sitting on it, the gravity center is very close to the ground. The way the Helinox Ground Chair interfaces with the ground is different than most of their other chairs; the weight is more evenly dispersed and the legs will not sink in as much. Buy Now. Sturdy, lightweight and foldable with aluminium alloy and mesh construction. Thanks for reviewing it, Charles.   Thanks for the review, Glenn. Sold out Reviews. I've taken it on several other backpacking trips as well as bike rides to the beach and this thing is now an essential piece of gear for life. €99,95 Sold out. I have had it for a year, and used it on backpacking trips of up to four nights duration as well as some car camping, adding up to maybe a month of use total, mostly in fair weather. Used mainly on canoe trips in the backcountry. No sinking feet. Shop Helinox for the world's lightest, strongest, most comfortable portable chairs, cots, tables & outdoor equipment. TOP 10 REVIEWER 1lb 6oz was more like it. REVIEW CORPS A three-way review/comparison of three very nice ultralight backpacking chairs. Packed Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair have respective weights of 2 lbs. CDN$ 65.00 CDN$ 65. Wrapping Up. CDN$ 45.00 CDN$ 45. Savanna Chair… The molded plastic hubs and stiff aluminum upright tubes support the sling seat, which rises up to the middle of my long back and provides support where it is most needed. Big Agnes, who makes Helinox, has very good warranty service. Packing down smaller than the Sunday Times, you can take your Helinox Chair One anywhere. It is very low to the ground which I like for the beach but may be difficult for some to get in a... Get 20% Off - Subscribe to Our Email List. I traded in a Chair Zero for this one, and my wife still has a Chair Zero, so I have been able to compare the two directly. With a small packsize and a weight of just 850 gr. Have you used this? Beach day, ruined. It snaps into place quickly and easily. The sewn-in pockets where the frame inserts into the sling are potential weak points, but they are thoroughly reinforced with extra layers of fabric and have also held up well so far. Ground sheet levels the load, providing a wide, stable base that helps prevent sinking or tipping on soft and uneven ground. estimate to ship this item. in Light, strong and supremely packable, the Ground Chair is an ultra-lightweight backpacking chair designed to being you comfort wherever you go. Gets you off the ground, but low enough to use in a tent or vestibule. Extra insulation needed for cold weather use or to protect tent floor. During the data transfer we were unable to preserve nicknames, authors, or helpful scores for older reviews. Sign up now to receive a coupon and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events, pre-order sales & more! from WA, United States I hope you'll give us an update of how the chairs work out. Your form has been submitted. For this reason, we have declared the author for all reviews created in the old system as "Legacy Reviewer". The stable base won't sink into soft ground. Helinox Table One. Helinox Ground Chair Similar Products . The Ground Chair is the only chair in our range that has a square base, this spreads the user load evenly, stopping you from sinking into wet ground or snow. Utilizing durable DAC aluminum single-pole construction and breathable mesh, the Ground Chair weighs just 1.2 pounds and packs down to 12" x 6" x 6". I read good things about the Helinox Chair One, but I didn't like the weight and I didn't like what I read about the little feet sinking in soft ground. After looking at my buddy's knockoff I agree that those little feet will definitely sink. All the frame parts are shock-corded into a single unit, so assembly requires no sorting, little thought, except to insure that all frame parts are inserted fully into their sockets. Light and packable, it’s great for porches, fire escapes, rooftops, and living rooms, making it a go-to for friendly gatherings. The Helinox Ground Chair is perfect for car camping or even backpacking. Helinox Chair One Large Camp Chair Golden Poppy. Ships from the UK with WildBounds. sparkaj It can be folded and packed together with the chair. 35%. We strive to meet or exceed the estimate for every single order! I've seen the expensive packable backpacking chairs going around for years. Wasn't into the Monarch balance version and the ones they added legs to didn't seem sturdy and were very expensive. I've sat on the REI and Therm-a-Rest versions and didn't like them either for their comfort vs weight. Then I came across the Ground Chair. Brand New. Unique in the Helinox range, the Ground Chair has a square base that spreads the load more evenly than feet, meaning it is not as likely to sink into soft ground. Packing down smaller than most water bottles, the Helinox Ground Chair easily fits in a day pack. Helinox Chair One Tactical. However, the way the leg grommets are designed, I don't believe it will damage the tent floor, but I'm careful anyway. Even the minimalist hiker - watching every gram - can now rest their back in comfort! A little creature comfort goes a long way. The chair's collapsible … Webbing on carry bag for attachment to backpack or bike. $11.95. I used it more than he did and bought it from him when we returned. Ultra Lightweight Chairs. Because it is close to the ground, it also works well as a master chef’s seat—I like to gather my cookware all the fixings and arrange them on one side of the chair before I take my seat, so that I can proceed from ingredients to full belly in comfort and without having to rise. I placed my order,the campsaver site was easy to navigate and they responded quickly with shipping info. Buy It Now. Specs. Helinox Chair Stabilizing Vibram Rubber Ball Feet (Set of 4), Black. Get it by Tuesday, Dec 8. Fitting the seat fabric onto the frame is straightforward. In my current packing system it goes inside and near the top, ready to come out for lunch, but it could also strapped on the outside or maybe squeezed into a water bottle pocket. I traded in a lighter Helinox Chair Zero in for this one, and I am happy with the weight-for-functionality tradeoff.The Ground Chair has been in may pack for every backpacking trip I have taken in the year since I bought it, mostly during a year’s stay in the southwestern U.S., and has seen some use while car camping on road trips as well. 31%. But the low angle is a plus point rather than a minus, because it allows you to sit in the chair while brewing coffee or preparing supper with your cooking gear set out on the ground. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.You can also explore other items in the, by and 1 lb. There are now asian knockoffs at a much lower price of this chair, no idea how reliable they are. The Ground Chair has been discontinued. High-strength Nylon 66 connector hubs at frame joints. Unlike some of its longer-legged cousins, the Ground Chair is also low enough to use inside a tent or vestibule in the event of inclement weather or attack by hordes of biting insects. Overall the Helinox is a fantastic camping chair brand and offers a lot of value for the money. Ground Chair; Ground Chair 2020 All Black. Definitely coming with us whenever we bike ride at the beach so we can take pitstops and get our burn on in the sand with our covert Squirt Palomas. If there is something we're doing well, something we can improve on, , chat, And always make sure your chair is completely dry before packing away for storage. Add your own review » Unique in the Helinox range, the Ground Chair has a square base that spreads the load more evenly than feet, meaning it is not as likely to sink into soft ground. I've had it in my BA Copper Spur UL 2, then my NEMO Hornet UL2, and now my LightHeart Solo. Weighing in at 636 g (22 oz) with stuff sack, it is light enough to come along on not-too-ambitious trips of up to four or five nights. The poles are shock-corded, they fit each other similar to tent poles, you set them up in seconds and the same is when you dismantle the c… I grabbed two and love them!!!! The plastic fitting broke and the chair is now useless. Price Paid: full price, Mike L It may take longer than we 30%. Extra insulation needed for cold weather use, Can collapse if fabric is not properly fitted to frame, Very light compared to other camping chairs. November 1, 2017, Helinox Ground Chair Unavailable & Discontinued Models. The chair legs slide into the reinforced corner pockets and the Ground Sheet can be secured to the chair with the center attachment. Get up to 50% off*! This is a lightweight and strong folding camp tool, which essentially contains two parts, a durable DAC aluminum single-pole construction, and a breathable mesh. Helinox Chair One and Ground Chair pack … Camp Chairs. I have a bunch of holes from sparks already:(. Please share your experience. oz. off $ 95.99 $139.95. 2 oz. All that said, while Helinox seems to be dabbling in some sort of 21st century alchemy, the technology does have its limits. Thankfully, this sturdy ground sheet attaches to your Helinox Camp or Sunset Chair for a pleasant beachside throne experience. The stuff sack has room for a folding, closed cell foam butt pad (see below), which brings the diameter up to about 12 cm (call it 5 inches) and weight up to 675 g (24 oz). Price Paid: $87. Other Products like Helinox Ground Chair. Place your order now! The first time I went camping, I squatted while preparing my supper and spent the rest of the evening sitting on a rock. At night I found it hard to sleep because my back was killing me. I can't wait to take them at the end of the month on my Grand Canyon murder mission. Sunset Chair; Beach Chair; Chair Two; Extra Roomy Chairs. I know I'll be cursing the extra weight on the climb out of there, but after 10 miles a day for three nights I know my arse and back will appreciate the comfort over a sleep pad on a boulder. Featuring an extra high back, wide profile, and generous winged armrests, it accommodates up to 320 pounds. It was perfect. I could chill in that thing all day. the Helinox Chair One. Customs services and international tracking provided. Some backcountry campsites have features that provide natural seating. It’s a bit tricky to get in and out of, but to me it’s worth the trouble. Shop expand. Helinox Chair Zero Black - Portable Folding … 00. The chair is rated for a weight of up to 120kg (265lb). Ground Chair; Ground Chair. Helinox chairs are designed to help you feel At Home, Anywhere, and all our alloy poles are anodized to protect against corrosion. FAQ, Shop Now. Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. Cot One Convertible (9) 9 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Helinox Ground Chair has been discontinued by Helinox and is no longer available. Find the best deals and receive great advice from outdoor enthusiasts. Glenn Paterson But to keep your chair in top form after use near water, some easy care is recommended. Thanks for the great review, Charles. Same good looks. The Ground Chair offers a well-engineered mix of light weight, comfort, and functionality that make it a good choice for creatures seeking to add a little more comfort to their kit. Product Dimensions : 13 x 8 x 6 inches; 1.37 Pounds; Item model number : HGCHAIRCB16; Department : Unisex; Date First Available : December … Platypus.75L DuoLock SoftBottle - 25 fl. June 10, 2015. Helinox … Helinox Ground Sheet Black Chair Two makes it helpful to use on sand or muddy ground. After looking at my buddy's knockoff I agree that those little feet will definitely sink. this chair is the absolute must have for every cyclist, hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast; in short for everybody. And I have a beer belly. or something you wish we had, please let us know! He had the chair, I didn't. Went on a backpacking trip in Mammoth Cave NP two years ago with a friend. Unique in the Helinox range, the Ground Chair has a square base that spreads the load more evenly than feet, meaning it is not as likely to sink into soft ground. March 4, 2018, by With a seat made from a durable cotton-like material – that’s available in a range of colors – and a taller back that delivers extended support, this is a light, easily stored chair that offers serious comfort indoors and out. +6,998 00. In addition, due to different content standards, we want to make sure our valued customers know these reviews had lesser requirements than reviews written today do. Customer reviews. As shown in the photo above, the chair rests on a square frame rather than on legs. Same comfy sling chair as the Chair One. Ground Sheet Chair Two. Get it by Saturday, Dec 5. 3. Light, compact camping chair. January 4, 2018, by The Ground Chair has been discontinued. Charles - Have you sat in this inside a tent?   Those chairs are worth their weight! However, it looks like it needs gentle treatment, and I would recommend that anyone who weighs that much should be careful when settling into the chair. View More. Splayed legs and a lowered seat height ensure stability in the sand. I was wondering about the footrests and if they would wear/damage the floor of a tent if you shift around? Check out full tech specs, features and brand info. off $ 34.95 $49.95. or call us with your questions. Our range. Please try again, or email us directly at, Perfect luxury for bike packing / bike touring. You'll feel the difference. Duke, Willardrunnergirl, One of the disadvantages of sling chairs as compared to the old camp chair type (Crazy Creek, Therm-a-Rest) is their lack of insulation.
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